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WhatsApp Channel: A step towards Mass communication


A very Innovative and Resourceful way was introduced by WhatsApp for its Users to get entertainment on the App like other Social media platforms. This step has been taken to promote mass communication, innovation and creativity in the world of growing Information Technology (IT). Multiple Global updates on any domain whether it’s sports, entertainment, education, or anything extra that is happening somewhere or other will be broadcasted through these channels.

Hence it will be presented to the people in a simple, reliable and quick method. In addition, WhatsApp is majorly focusing on Users’ Privacy. As a result, no personal information of the admin or followers of the channel would be harmed. It was only a brief information about this new feature of WhatsApp that is the WhatsApp channel. Let’s move further and find out its uses, modes and so on.

How to create a WhatsApp channel:

The Channels are primarily a mode to share Updates and build connections with people of diverse thoughts, nature, and those with the same vibes as yours. In short, this is a good alternative to being a part of society with your exclusive data hidden on the safer side. In today’s world, youngsters, especially Gen-Z, pay great attention to building good connections and doing innovative things like start-ups or others. Many of them are inclined towards becoming an influencer, who can achieve success through their creative abilities. For them, the WhatsApp channel is a boon, because it will provide a platform to show their talent in front of the world.

Now, coming into the process of creating a channel that is not a hard nut to crack. All you have to do is to get yourself a WhatsApp account or WhatsApp Business Account. Both equally work, and if you already have any of these, make sure it’s the latest Updated Version of WhatsApp. You can check the updates section on the Play Store of your device.

Now these are the steps that you need to follow to create a Channel:-

  1. On WhatsApp, go to the newly added “Updates” Tab.
  2. At the tab, the “+” sign will be on the right side of the already existing Channels.
  3. Click the “+” button and select the New Channel.
  4. Tap the option, Get Started, and start scrolling for apt content.  
  5. Now Customise Your Channel to make it unique and bring the public to it. 

Features of WhatsApp Channel:

Now Let’s move forward and learn about the key features of WhatsApp channels that make it stand out among its other characteristics, especially Groups and Communities. 

Some of its impressive features are: 

  • Meta has worked towards improving its directory through these filtered Channels where one can find channels based on their preferences.
  • If you want to give feedback on the Shared meme, news, or whatever you can simply react with emojis. Besides this, you can also see the total no. Of reactions. 
  • In case you forward an update to any of your Chats or Groups, the given link will take the viewer directly to the channel and they can discover more. 
  • For Admins, it is a one-way broadcast means to message or send texts, videos, daily news, jokes,  Stickers, polls, etc.
  • There are a few more tools that you can explore in these Channels such as Voice notes, and in-stream polls. 
  • Privacy is a remarkable feature where none of the other followers of the Channels can see your “personal Abouts” and neither can you. 

WhatsApp Channel Uses:

Again, there are multiple uses for a WhatsApp channel. And it’s worthwhile for the big companies, institutions, and organisations to share necessary information with their hundreds and more of employees, students, and workers in one text. 

It also allows the customers and the followers of the particular brand or channel to be involved with them directly and know more about them. Since when this broadcast channel has been out, it has been appreciated by many users. And it’s more beneficial to businesses as it delivers more opportunities for owners to enhance and stretch their market.

This furthermore enables businessmen and other persons with tight schedules to work with ease and also helps in saving their resources.

WhatsApp Channel Description:

With approximately 2.7 billion users across the world, Meta’s App does have a big fandom. And, due to its recently added broadcast tool, it has drawn more populace towards it.  As we know this App is chiefly used for texting, calling, and sharing information this feature is introduced to facilitate it more. 

This feature of the app is somewhat similar to those Channels in Telegram and Instagram and on other apps but it has a greater influence in comparison to those applications. It’s also helpful in reaching out to a large audience and promoting your business without being worried about the number of counts of followers as there are no such restraints.

How to delete a WhatsApp Channel: 

In case someone does not want to keep on working on their WhatsApp channel, they can easily delete the Channel. However, it will still be shown to the followers of the Channel as a system message set by Meta itself that your channel is no longer in service.  But, The non-followers will not be able to discover your channel. 

To delete the channel, you will have to:

  • Open your Channel from the “Updates” tab. 
  • Once you open your channel, you’ll find the Delete option in the description, tap or click Delete
  • For confirmation, they’ll ask for your number, fill in the number, and just Delete it.


This article is completely dedicated to the Usage of WhatsApp channels and the advantages they provide to their followers. Considering the users of the App, it seems that this feature is going to be a big success in the history of WhatsApp. If you haven’t joined any channel yet, then go and explore on your device.

In this article, you’ll find all the information on how to create a channel, how to get it verified, how to earn from that, and other necessary details. Just read the entire article for a deep understanding.


Q1. Who can create a WhatsApp channel?

A1. Anyone who has a legit WhatsApp account in any of its versions whether normal WhatsApp or WhatsApp business. For people who want to call out to a large audience, it is worth it to create a WhatsApp channel.

Q2. How to verify the WhatsApp channel?

A2. If your channel meets the eligibility criteria set by WhatsApp, On the. Business app go to settings, then click on the business setting and verify your account.

Q3. How can I earn from the WhatsApp channel?

A3. There are no such direct methods, but money can be earned through affiliate marketing, by promoting products, selling or buying products, advertising, freelancing, etc. These are some indirect ways.

Q4. How to create a WhatsApp channel on an iPhone?

A4. The only difference is the display, there is no such hard trick to creating a channel on an iPhone.

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